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Instruction. How to use a discount card

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8.Nov, 20180FAQ

Instruction. How to use a discount card

For discount card holders


How to use a discount card.

The basic principle of the subscriber system –

accrual of bonus funds to card specials. account, which can be paid in the network of “My-taki” service.

For every one you pay, a trip to My-taksi service will cost you UAH 1 per your account.


You used the services (by any, drove in person or called a taxi for acquaintances on his behalf) 8 times, respectively, on your specialist. The account has been charged UAH 8, which you can use to pay for your next trip.

And also, for you, the lowest fares when traveling outside the city!

The cost of a discount card is UAH 15. The account already has 5 UAH!

To activate the card –

you need to make one trip to the My-taki service.

How to order a taxi subscriber:

When ordering a car, you must first name the subscriber’s number and then address.

For example: subscriber 00-07, on street Zarechnaya 81, sq. 11

When calculating a card:

subscriber 00-07, calculation by card, on street Zarechnaya 81, sq. m. 11

(Do not forget, please, at the same time to take a plastic card with you, it will need to be presented to the driver for the calculation.)

(Attention, when calculating a discount card, there is no bonus hryvnia.)

The balance of bonus funds on the “card” account and other details can be specified from the operator on any of the phones calling a taxi.

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