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7.Nov, 20180

Why do we?

What is most important to a passenger? The answer is simple: to be in the right place at the right time! “My taxi” is your reliable partner and ally! You ask why are we? We are the first and only ones in Starokonstantinov to introduce a new software package with…

4.Nov, 20180

At peak time you can not call the operator? Order a taxi through the app!

Download the app on PlayMarket! Order a taxi direct! Track the cars on the map, find out the cost of the route, and many other features with the mobile application “Taxi Starokonstantinov”!

1.Nov, 20180

We are looking for employees

In connection with the expansion of the firm, the following are invited to work: drivers with their own car or truck. Requirements: – Driving experience of not less than 5 years; – knowledge of the city; – sociability. dispatcher Requirements: – knowledge of the computer at the user level; –…

31.Oct, 20180

How to ride a taxi for the price of a minibus or for free !!!

On the phone, or tablet Android OS, zavantazhumo on GooglePlay without a doodat: “Taksi Starokostyantiniv.” Enter the number of your phone number і and make the number of the bonus picture of the subscriber and referral code (інструкція). For additional help: In front of rozrahuvati in the direction of travel;…